Darren’s special invitation for Andy Grammer!

Posted on Darren’s fb page Darren’s Pack on July 12th 2019:

We have an invite for Andy Grammer that we need YOUR help with…….

Catching Darren in this stance made my heart light up!!! 😍 I got a ukulele for my birthday, and this boy is so attached to it already!! Every morning, the 1st thing he asks is if we can go play the ukulele, or in his words “you-ka-Larry” or simply “Luke” for short! Music is great therapy, and he literally thrives off of it!

As we saw this image of him tonight, we wanted to freeze it in time, and capture the true warrior that this boy is as he’s kicking cancers BUTT for the 3rd time! My husband commented that Darren “looks like he’s waiting for Andy Grammer to come play “Luke’s” with him in his market” in this shot, and we both laughed! Then I got a crazy idea…..

We know that if there is any kid who can convince someone, it’s this boy!!! So what do you say…..who’s in for helping us invite @Andy Grammer to Darren’s Market to play some tunes with him?!?!?! Being 100% serious!! Maybe like, if we get 100k shares on this post, Andy will head to the East Coast to hang with us? Yeah???! Darren celebrates his 10th birthday in August, and will celebrate his 10th year of kicking cancers butt in October!! 💪

Help us by hitting share on this post, and be sure to tag Andy Grammer to let him know that Darren’s waiting patiently!! Tell everyone you know to do the same!! Many hands make light work, isn’t that how it goes?! 🤣 This kid would loose his cool 😎 if Andy rolled through the front door of his market!

Get to sharing, and always support childhood cancer research so that our boy can one day be a CANCER FREE back up singer/dancer for Andy!! 💕

So proud of this kid…..he’s literally never known a life other than the one of kicking cancers butt (diagnosed at 8 weeks) but his courage, his personality, his ability to reach others in such a special way, his love that is so deep for everyone, and his love for the Lord never ceases to amaze me!! I stand in awe of what God has done through our boy, and continues to do through him every single day! So blessed that I get to witness it for myself, and give Him all of the glory, and all of my praises!!

Thank you all for your love and support! You make this journey easier to walk, and we feel all of the love! ❤️The Leonard’s

Shout out to Lilliput Play Homes for such an incredible play home that we have enjoyed for 5 years now, all thanks to Make-A-Wish Mid-Atlantic Make-A-Wish America!!