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The “All things AWESOME!” Gift Crate


The “All things AWESOME” crate definitely holds true to it’s name! A collection of fan favorites perfect for ages 3-103, it’s #1 goal is to make someone utter the words…..”AWESOME!” The Shashibo is a mesmerizing shape shifting box, powered by 36 rare earth magnets that can be transformed it into over 70 shapes! Crazy Aaron’s super scarab thinking putty is not only AWESOME, but it’s bounceable, rip-able, super soft, and never dries out! The waboba wingman is a flexible frisbee that’s effortless to throw, and easy to take on the go for fun anywhere. The toroflux arm slinky wraps up this crate, and is way cooler then what you think of as a slinky, as it rolls from one arm to the other over and over, and can even be passed off to a friend by holding hands!  Perfect for one, or for the whole family, and sure to create a SMILE!!

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